Here We Go Again (Again)

I started this blog a year ago for the expressed purpose of making a commitment to write regularly.  I wrote a whole post about it. A year later and I’ve only written five posts prior to this one.

*Hangs head in shame*

What is the deal?  Why can’t I do this?  I know my life is not very interesting (read: extremely boring). But I read interesting things.  I talk to somewhat interesting people. Surely there is material there.  Surely I should be able to find something in the words I view, speak and hear that could serve as some type of prompt.

Just taking the time to write the little I’ve written for this post has helped ease the quilt of being a consummate failure at the writing life. You’d think I could at least muster the fortitude necessary to write a little something every day so as not to feel guilty AT ALL. I could avoid the Spiral of Guilt completely. But noooooo.  That has apparently been too much for me to ask of myself.

Come on, Self!  Do better!

Here’s hoping…

Say something.

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