Sh*t White Feminists Say to Black Feminists (and How to Counter Them)

When white feminists ask us to temper ourselves, they are saying, “Give in to the status quo.” They are saying, “You have no right to meet your dehumanisation, exploitation, and oppression at the hands of white people with righteous anger. How dare you be visibly shaken!”. They are saying that they are more dismayed at our reactions to racism than with racism itself.

via Sh*t White Feminists Say to Black Feminists (and How to Counter Them).

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8 thoughts on “Sh*t White Feminists Say to Black Feminists (and How to Counter Them)

    • That hashtag is everything and I’m here for it. That’s exactly what it is.

      People thing Black folks just LOOOVE to talk about race. But really…we wish we didn’t have to. Getting trampled on requires that we speak up. I’m so tired of defending myself and my skinfolk against the constant attacks.

      And the people that do more than me?! They’re the real MVP’s.

      • Yes…take a break when you need to! I know I often must. I don’t identify with White Feminism. I don’t really see the same perils, violence, mass poverty, soul-crushing chronic disrespect and daily inconveniences if not humiliations Black women endure for White women who have the power and education to uplift themselves. For us, none of that matters. So, I stay away from their movement. Keep writing! Many blessings, Kalisha

        • I stay away too. But you can barely engage in a discussion online without encountering one.

          For instance. Just 2 days ago a friend posted a pic of a process white women are doing to make their hair afro-like. This white feminist HAD TO jump in talking about how she knows about her privilege but “hair is just hair”. And” no one group had invented anything “.

          I just… Whew.

          • Well, hair is NOT just hair. I have had job recruiters and media opportunities tell me to do something about my hair if I wanted to work somewhere or appear somewhere. Ay ay ay…yes I have been there in having those types of friends who would want “black” mates, locks, fros, earrings in the nose, etc… They turned out to be the most insensitive and worst ones when it came to being able to share my personal, day-to-day real life as a Black American woman in the lowest caste. They always had an argument or battle ready for how their privilege did not give them a perfect life…

            I like “Mighty Whites”- the kind who listen to Tom Jones and Barry Manilow, and who only read Harlequin romances, and who like Days of Our Lives. That way, I don’t have to worry about them stepping on my toes, trying to compete with me or shocking me with a lack of real sympathy when it comes to struggle and oppression. Nor do I have to worry about them altering themselves and their lives or appearances in order to court struggle and oppression, because of its mystique they think is so exciting. And yes, the internet does give all people a voice–including these ones 🙂

  1. Dammit I hate when Im late to the party. Yeah, yes to everything above.
    Im having a hard time with this feminism rising. I just dont think white women and black women are on the same page 90% of tge time. No fault just the way society is most minority groups see a different picture.

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