it didn’t happen like I thought it would

Well color me tickled!
If you ever wondered why many people hate it when white Christian missionaries go to Africa, here is why.
This poor, disillusioned, misguided woman is disappointed (that’s her word) that the people she went to save in Kenya are not in need of her services. She actually laments the fact that they have everything most of us have here in America and waxes poetic about how miserable that makes her. You really have to read it for yourself to appreciate the hilarity of that. It perfectly exposes the pride involved in white saviourism. I laughed from a very deep place! I’m still chuckling.
Thankfully she’s being dragged by her bangs in the comments. Hopefully she will reflect on her privilege and her motivations and come out of this a better Christian.

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Wilhelm picked us up at 9am.
I was dressed in my “mission trip clothes” and had my game face on.
Today was going to be the day that I fell in love with Kenya.

it didn’t happen

Wilhelm took us to The Junction {Nairobi’s version of a mall}.
We walked around looking for a place to exchange money and eat some lunch. We hadn’t eaten anything since our flight from Paris.
We had to walk through security just to get in the door.
They opened my purse, patted us down and then we went inside.
There were guards at every store, some with machine guns and some with sticks.
I kept looking at John and then looking around me and he noticed that I was struggling to take it in.

My heart was prepared for dirt floors.
For dirty laundry hanging everywhere.
For kids that were half naked and covered…

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