White Supremacy Is Frustrating

Last weekend, Black social media got together to #Blackout the internet. It started on Tumblr and quickly spread. The point was for Black people to share selfies, encourage each other, and celebrate our beauty and diversity.

White people were livid.

As if ALL media isn’t dominated by celebration of all that is white. As if in so doing, white media hasn’t created the conditions that require Black people to look to each other for validation.

The white tears flowed abundantly.

White tears

There were cries of “reverse-racism”. We were said to be too exclusive. There was an attempt to silence us with white selfies tagged #whiteout which QUICKLY became the most racist circle-jerk imaginable with confederate flags and racists insults aplenty. Of course it did.

Mind you. Black people weren’t trying to prevent white people from taking selfies. We weren’t trying to keep them from doing anything. We couldn’t if we wanted to.We were only choosing to focus on ourselves and requesting that they give us room to do that. You know, like white people have done since they first came to America. But somehow not actively including them is far worse than the many and sundry ways they have excluded us. Slavery, Jim Crow, redlining, white flight, lynching, sundown laws, the creation of ghettos, etc. These things pale in comparison to black people taking and sharing selfies all out in the open and shit.

Meanwhile, over the course of the last several days, at least 4 Black people have been murdered by police. A video showing white bros chanting about lynching niggers before allowing them into their frat surfaced.

The white response?


One “news” program said that rap music was to blame for this white fraternity, founded under the confederacy with a long white supremacist history which included the creation of their chant, even singing this song in the first place.

Really Dude?

The Black extrajudicial executions have been reported the same as every other. Black person was a threat, though unarmed. Though naked in one case. Cop shot in self-defense. Wash, rinse, repeat.

I’m so tired of being expected to show empathy and deference to a group of people who get more outraged by Black love of Black self than they do over the senseless loss of Black life. I’m tired. I’m tired of being tired.

Their “logic” is so ridiculous. Their ability to comprehend the harm they do is nonexistent. Their ability to look at their own thoughts and motivations is shallow at best. The very contradictory way they respond to Black tragedy versus Black celebration just boggles my mind.

I hope one day, and soon, Black people and all other oppressed people reach a level of consciousness that will allow us to confront anti-blackness in all its forms and unite against our common enemies. White Supremacy. Capitalism. Patriarchy. The world has to be a better place once we do.

4 thoughts on “White Supremacy Is Frustrating

  1. The solidarity kills them. They used religion and oppression to hold us to the belief that any injustices would be remedied in heaven while they have heaven on earth. We been saying hell no since slavery, been fighting since we been here and they still dont get it

    • Girl, it kills them! I’ve been mentally preparing a list of things white people hate. So far I know of only three. They hate to be called racists (no matter how racists they are), they hate to have their worldview challenged, and they hate to see us love ourselves. I swear. As a group they are monsters.

      • If they keep us fractured they feel they will have no place in these United States. Like selfish children who are never happy no matter how many toys are in the room…

  2. Reblogged this on Properly Improper and commented:
    I have to share this on my blog. As we reaffirm our love for ourselves in a society that consistently tells us our lives dont matter we watch in horror as that affirmation is turned into rants about US being hateful while racial slurs are hurled at us…every time, I mean EVERY SINGLE TIME I express love for my culture in twitter my TL gets bombarded with hate tweets. What white people cant seem to accept is my affirmation is not an attack on your being. I want to be happy and love everyone BUT there has to be freedom and justice for everybody or no freedom and justice for NOBODY. BE FAIR.

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