Here We Go Again (Again)

I started this blog a year ago for the expressed purpose of making a commitment to write regularly.  I wrote a whole post about it. A year later and I’ve only written five posts prior to this one.

*Hangs head in shame*

What is the deal?  Why can’t I do this?  I know my life is not very interesting (read: extremely boring). But I read interesting things.  I talk to somewhat interesting people. Surely there is material there.  Surely I should be able to find something in the words I view, speak and hear that could serve as some type of prompt.

Just taking the time to write the little I’ve written for this post has helped ease the quilt of being a consummate failure at the writing life. You’d think I could at least muster the fortitude necessary to write a little something every day so as not to feel guilty AT ALL. I could avoid the Spiral of Guilt completely. But noooooo.  That has apparently been too much for me to ask of myself.

Come on, Self!  Do better!

Here’s hoping…

It’s A New Dawn

Over the past 13 years or so, I’ve started several blogs.  Only one had any readers, but I was faithfully updating it nonetheless.  The reason I’ve had so many blogs with no readership or small readership, is because I have a burning desire to write and no idea what to write.

This is a troublesome thing for me.  I read as much as time allows, and I have always been a decent writer.  But as a reader, I’ve struggled to discover what I can say that hasn’t been said ad nauseam. What can I say that hasn’t been said better?  What can I say that adds value or furthers conversations that are already taking place?

These questions have caused me to begin blogging, reach a point of despair, then quit.  I keep hoping that maybe an idea will come to me.  Maybe I’ll read something that inspires me.  Maybe I’ll wake up one morning so full of wonderful, electric ideas that all I can do is hastily type the words that will change writing forever and cause all other writers to go on vacation and ponder what they have been doing with their lives.


So far that hasn’t happened so I’m gonna take the advice of other writers and TRY to get in the habit of writing whether I have anything to say or not.  My goal is two new posts a week, but I know that’s gonna be hard.  My grammar and punctuation are rusty.  I still don’t have anything worth saying.  But whatever.  I feel the need to write.  I always have.  So I’m going to feed the need and hope for the best.

This is my first offering.