White Racist Trolls

Why, OH WHY, do white people make a point of going into Black online spaces to harass and insult black people?

Does anybody know why?

You don’t believe me?  Do you think I’m making this up?  Ok.

Exhibit A.

What you see here is the comment section on a news site that reports on stories that impact Black people.  Beneath the first comment was a fake account created for the purpose of attempting to mock the previous comment.  The owner of the account tried to use AAVE (African American Vernarcular English) and the content of the comment was full of racist stereotypes.

You can see here that no fewer than two people, other than myself, spotted the troll and called him/her out.  Thankfully the moderator deleted the offending comment.  Unfortunately, there was a lot of deleting to do because the person went through the entire comment section making racist remarks while pretending to be a black man.

How does a racist become SO depraved that they spend day after day harassing black people in a predominately black space?  In a space created specifically for a the most marginalized group of people so that we can be safe in a way we often are not elsewhere?  What is the purpose?  Is this what passes for fun?


That kind of behavior,as can be seen, tends to make people defensive and can turn quite ugly.  Sometimes it can straight up ruin an entire day.  I have been trolled in this way so much that unless I joined a discussion early, I choose not to join at all.  I know that after the first few comments the trolls will appear, and in a matter of minutes any hope of a rational conversation is destroyed.  I even changed my pic and username to something generic to keep the trolls from attacking me not only based on race, but also my gender.

There’s nothing like anti-black misogyny to make you wanna throw away your laptop.

Anyway, I don’t get it.  I really don’t.  I am unable to comprehend what makes racists want to behave this way.